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Joel Taylor

Fundraising Committee Finance Chair


Emerson PTA and Boosters teams up with businesses committed to supporting our mission of serving all children by offering our members special discounts, fundraising opportunities and other unique deals.


Fundraising Committee is an organization that collects money for the school through various fun events and sales. Planned fundraising events this year include Read A Thon, a Square1 Art catalog fundraiser (related to your child's artwork), Dine Outs, Spring Book Fair, and various other fun opportunities to contribute to your child's elementary school experience. Our fundraising committee funds various programs for the school like grade level arts workshops, school assemblies and all 5th grade functions. We also hope to bring more Science enrichment experiences to our students this year and are very excited for what's to come. Every single student and family is automatically a member of fundraising committee so you don't need to do anything but participate in the events and enjoy the experiences that are provided

Arts Workshops: each grade level is provided with a unique arts experience. Our kinder students receive an African Drumming dance and music Workshop. Our 1st graders receive a music Workshop that helps to familiarize them with the various instruments and the tools they will need when they receive regular music instruction the following year. 2nd grade receives a magical dance workshop that gets the students moving their bodies to various styles of dance. 3rd grade receives a theater based workshop that teaches movement, stage presence and confidence through poetry. 4th grade receives a Shakespeare theater workshop where they also learn about movement and public speaking. 5th grade receives a dance workshop that will result in the dance the families will be amazed by during their promotion ceremony. Throughout a students time here at Emerson we are proud to have exposed the students to all these varied forms of art expression and see them grow through their experiences. 

School Assemblies: we have about 3 assemblies each year where we try to give the kids different experiences that will inspire them in some way. Our first assembly this year will be on Wednesday October 11th and will be a Science Assembly that we are hoping will inspire many budding scientists to enter our amazing Science Fair. We also hope to have an assembly or two that educate our students about various cultures. 

Erin Konstantine
PTA- 3rd Vice President Fundraising

Pia Valenciano
Fundraising Committee Chair

Amy Ferguson


Dipali Patel
PTA-1st Vice President Volunteers/ Fundraising Committee Director of Volunteers

Jackie Hackbarth
PTA-2nd VP of Programs/ Fundraising Committee Director of Programs

our leadership team

Ellen Sedrakyan
PTA - Financial Secretary


The overall purpose of the Emerson PTA and Boosters is to make every Emerson child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

I encourage you to join the PTA. Your membership is a sign to the community that you are engaged in the great work this organization does. Sign up for our weekly emails, pick an event or program to volunteer for or attend a meeting. And, as always, I invite you to contact myself or any member of the PTA Board for more information.  

Julie Turner

PTA Parliamentarian

Juliana Cho

PTA President

Cristian Castillo
PTA Recording Secretary

Carla Eilering

PTA Historian

Emerson Stars PTA & Fundraising Committee

Stella Chalian

Fundraising Committee Director

Ralph Emerson Elementary

Maya Cauble
PTA Corresponding Secretary/Fundraising Committee Clerk

Jolene O’Guin
PTA Auditor

Mrs. Jennifer Kaitz