SHOW DATE - Saturday, March 11th

 Sign-Up: JANUARY 10th!

Singers, dancers, poets, actors, musicians! We encourage you to audition for this year’s Talent Show! You can do a solo or group act, and you can even have your friends from other schools or your parents perform with you (though anyone not a student at Emerson must also fill out a registration form)!

Each act is limited to two (2) minutes.

You may only perform age-appropriate, elementary school material – the whole school is invited to participate and attend, so we want the content to be friendly to all children! We love popular music too! However, some lyrics or themes of your favorite songs may not be appropriate for young children.

 Acts will be on a first-come first-serve basis. For example, the first person or group to turn in a registration form saying they will be performing “Heroes” by Alesso will be the only act to perform that song (unless we have enough acts for two shows, then we can have two groups do the same song).

Please come to the audition with your act completed, not perfect.

You will only be allowed to be the main performer in one act; however, you may do a small part in a friend's act— maybe you are a back-up dancer or singer, maybe you will dance while a friend reads a poem— you are encouraged to collaborate with friends! (Choir and BASPA do NOT count as acts, so you can be in one or both and still perform in your own act.)

You will need to provide a CD with your music on it, or bring an iPod or phone with your song already downloaded and ready to play.


2022 Talent Show

Ralph Emerson Elementary

Emerson Stars PTA & Fundraising Committee