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School lunches

Emerson’s Cafeteria - How Does it work?

Your student can visit the Cafeteria for Nutrition break  $1.75 (at Recess) and for Lunch (at lunch time) $3.00.

How Can we pay ?

  1. Your Student can bring money daily
  2. You can deposit money in your students account

You can deposit any amount of money it NEVER expires. It will stay in your students account until they graduate 12th grade or leave the Burbank School system. Then a refund of any funds left over will be given.

 How does the cafeteria work?

  • Every Student is given a 4 digit number to use in the cafeteria

They will keep this number through graduation ! ~

Your child will then put that code in when buying lunch. Their picture comes up for verification and the money for the meal is deducted from their account. Its that easy!

Any questions on this or anything about Emerson: Call the PTA

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